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New Manitoba product stewardship plan

In the next step in the province's four-part waste management strategy, Manitobans are being asked for their opinio...

In the next step in the province’s four-part waste management strategy, Manitobans are being asked for their opinions on a new regulation intended to improve household recycling in the province, Conservation Minister Stan Struthers has announced.

“As part of Manitoba’s continuing effort to reduce waste and protect the environment, the province is strengthening its product stewardship program,” said Struthers. “The proposed regulation is based on the principles of producer responsibility and will require producers to act as stewards of packaging and printed papers and develop plans for sustainable management of all residential recyclables.”

The proposed regulation under the Waste Reduction and Prevention Act would shift responsibility for managing recyclable materials collected by municipalities from the Manitoba Product Stewardship Corporation to a new organization to be established by industry stewards. Requirements for public consultation on the development of the program plan will also be broadened.

Activities for this and other industry stewardship consultations are being coordinated by Green Manitoba, a special operating agency of government. As well as consultations on household recycling, Green Manitoba will focus on three other areas of product stewardship including scrap tires, household hazardous waste and waste from electronic products.

“These new initiatives will see government, industry and communities working together to achieve our waste reduction goals and strengthen environmental protection,” said Science, Technology, Energy and Mines Minister Jim Rondeau.

In addition to the regulation, a guide for product stewards is available for review. The document outlines what stewards need to understand about the regulation, clarifies stakeholder roles and responsibilities, and provides guidance on performance, operational and reporting expectations of programs to be established for the management of packaging and printed paper.

The proposed regulation and guide for stewards are available online at:

Copies are also available at Manitoba Conservation’s public registries located in libraries throughout the province or by calling the Pollution Prevention Branch at 945-8443 or toll-free at 1-800-282-8069, ext. 8443. The deadline for comments is February 26.


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