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McGuinty book on the Adams Mine published

A new book is set to be released in May 2010 that centres on what the author calls, "a botched billion-dollar ...

A new book is set to be released in May 2010 that centres on what the author calls, “a botched billion-dollar contract, environmental terrorism and a tale of political cowardice.”

TRASHED by Gordon McGuinty tells what really happened in the story of how the Adams Mine landfill project, which he says was the most environmentally sound and cost-effective solution to Ontario’s garbage disposal crisis, was killed by political mismanagement at the City of Toronto in 2000, and by personal political agendas in the Government of Ontario in 2004.

Gordon McGuinty was responsible for the development of the Adams Mine landfill in Northern Ontario, a colossal waste management project that would have provided millions of dollars in economic stimulus to the region, and helped to eliminate Ontario’s garbage disposal crisis.

The Adams Mine landfill survived fourteen years of environmental assessments, four provincial governments, five municipal elections and an international cross-border trucking dispute, only to be trashed by the stroke of the political pen of Premier Dalton McGuinty, says McGuinty. The roles of Mike Harris, Bob Rae, Jack Layton and Mel Lastman are laid bare for all to read.

McGuinty relates for the first time how and why it all happened. He gives credit to the thousands of individuals both in and out of government who supported the project and worked to make it happen, and exposes the actions of hard-core environmentalists, and the politicians who contributed to killing the deal, while explaining why millions of tonnes of Ontario garbage is – to this day – being trucked to landfills in Michigan.

“History continues to show that today’s politicians are more concerned with getting re-elected than making the right decisions for the environment,” says McGuinty. “The Adams Mine was the safest landfill in Canada, lack of political will killed it. I call it political garbage.”

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McGuinty’s new book will be the subject of Editor Guy Crittenden’s Editorial in the forthcoming June/July edition of Solid Waste & Recycling magazine.

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  1. Dr. George Duncan says:

    Finally, the truth will out! I cross Canada’s busiest highway every day and see a steady stream of garbage-loaded trucks heading from Toronto to Michigan and I think how sad it is that political cowardness, blatant media misrepresentation and pandemic envirophobia made the decision to nix the Adams Mine project. As the old tea commercial used to say: “Only in Canada, Eh”. Perhaps we need a tea party here to bring back some political sanity.

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