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Halton Recycling clarifies situation

Halton Recycling Ltd. (HRL) has announced that the company's Newmarket composting facility is, contrary to recent n...

Halton Recycling Ltd. (HRL) has announced that the company’s Newmarket composting facility is, contrary to recent news reports, not ignoring the recent Order of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and intends to comply with its provisions.

HRL says it has been working diligently and cooperatively with the ministry and local officials to resolve odor issues at the plant. As part of this effort, a series of actions are being taken, including restrictions in the type and volume of organic material being accepted at the plant, in compliance with the requirements of the Order. HRL has presented to the ministry the minimum volume of organic material required to prevent the digestion process from being disrupted in particular to ensure that the remedial measures desired by the ministry can be maintained effectively. While this cooperative work with the ministry proceeds, HRL will continue to fully respect and comply with the recent Order.

Halton Recycling has already complied with the provisions of the Order regarding a halt in the receipt of leaf and yard wastes, and no waste of this type has been received since October 14. The last public drop-off of organic material took place on Saturday, October 22.

The primary focus of Halton Recycling’s work over the past year has been to ensure that the Newmarket composting facility operates successfully to process material from Green Bin collection programs in the GTA. Major investments in equipment and technology have been made, and continue to be made, to ensure that the plant makes a valuable contribution to organics recycling in Ontario while also operating as a good neighbor to all residents and businesses in Newmarket. The company has been working closely with all government agencies and with local residents to achieve this goal.

The Ontario Government has identified the critical importance of composting as part of the province’s overall commitment to waste diversion. A 60 per cent waste diversion goal in Ontario cannot be met without successful composting of Green Bin organic material. Halton Recycling Ltd. is proud to be contributing to this important and necessary effort, and is committed to pursuing this goal in a way that is fully in compliance with all government regulations, and with the interests of local residents and businesses.

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