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Environmental Compliance Conference program

The program for our Environmental Compliance Conference is now available. (See below.)

The program for our Environmental Compliance Conference is now available. (See below.)

The event will be held on November 15, 2007 at the Toronto Airport Hilton hotel.

Register by calling Rabiya Shaikh at 416-510-6864 or email

A special website will be functional presently.

Here is the conference program.

Key Note Address

James Eddy, CVRD INCO Ltd.

Jim will discuss what changes INCO has made in recent years to account for various environmental factors, demonstrating how sustainability within a company can direct them to make choices concerning factors of remediation, waste diversion, recycling, contaminates, water, emissions, and their impact on business, the community and the environment. Jim will discuss the investment INCO has made in sustainability the companys vision for a green footprint for its future, how it now considers environmental factors as part of the long term goal, altering the perception of yesteryear, while, continuing to make short term sense to investors and shareholders.

Unearthing changes in Ontario Regulation 153/04

Ed Rodriguez, Golder Associates, Panel chair
Sarah Powell, Davies, Ward, Philips & Vineberg
Marcia Wallace, MMAH, NBA
Sharon Ferrari, Bentall
Bill Christmas, CIBC

This panel will discuss the proposed amendments to remove barriers to Brownfield redevelopment, i.e., as it pertains to liabilities and financing. What these amendments will mean to business going forward and the impact on redevelopment. Each member of the panel will each provide varied perspective, from legal, government, financial and business.

Waste Management: Practical Compliance and Waste Diversion

Michael Cant, Golder Associates, Panel Chair
Norm Lee, Solid Waste Management Services Division, City of Toronto
Paul van der Werf, President, 2cg Inc.
Alex Pike, Davies, Ward, Philips & Vineberg

A discussion of how industrial and commercial businesses are managing to comply with the three R regs, what penalities are being imposed and how they are being enforced. As well, a look at what municipalities are doing with recycling and waste diversion, particularly the City of Toronto and how that may impact businesses in the future.

Navigating the New Clean Water Act Safeguarding & Sustaining Ontarios Water Act.

TBD, Golder Associates
Katie Goldberg-Zwick, Davies, Ward, Philips & Vineberg
Debra Arnold, Regional Municipality of Kitchener/Waterloo
Andrea Bourrie, Dufferin Aggregates

This panel will look at the recently proposed and enacted changes to the legislation regarding source water protection, their impact on business and communities, and what steps industry is taking to protect sources of drinking water. We will hear a range of perspectives, from organizations concerned with the groundwater supply of safe drinking water to towns and cities, to organizations that rely on groundwater resources for processing and manufacturing.

Environmental Penalties: Regulations resulting from Bill 133: A Contingency Plan for Spills

Alex Pike, Davies, Ward, Philips & Vineberg
Ruth Mello, Golder Associates

This session will discuss the Environmental Penalties and associated spill prevention, response and contingency planning regulations resulting from Bill 133. It will contemplate the impact of the Regulations to MISA and non-MISA companies. The discussion will also consider practical means to navigate the increasingly complex series of requirements regarding the prevention of, preparation for, response to and mitigation of environmental emergencies and spills.

Emissions Trading and Carbon Credits A Real Opportunity of a Lost Opportunity?

Chris Synder, Ecofysolutions
Sarah Powell, Davies, Ward, Philips & Vineberg
Dympna Scullion, Integrated Gas Recovery Services Inc.

The final session of the day will debate the merits or flaws with the Emissions Trading Program.

Our panel will discuss how it works, the legal advantages or disadvantages and a case study that has experienced the current program.

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