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Wright Tech, Green Rite had no dealings with Rahim Jaffer: owner

Wright Tech Systems and Green Rite Solutions say that they did not have any "financial dealings" with former M...

Wright Tech Systems and Green Rite Solutions say that they did not have any “financial dealings” with former MP Rahim Jaffer and businessman Nazim Gillani, who are at the centre of a political lobbying scandal.

“At no time has Wright Tech Systems or Green Rite Solutions had any financial dealings with Nazim Gillani or Rahim Jaffer,” says Jim Wright, owner of Wright Tech Systems Inc. and partner in Green Rite Solutions Inc.

Wright adds that his companies never received any payments or financial interest from Jaffer and Gillani. As well, the parties never discussed lobby efforts.

Wright Tech and its marketing division, Green Rite Solutions, met Jaffer and Gillani while promoting their advanced waste conversion technology in Canada and abroad. Capital funding meetings and institutional marketing efforts have brought them into contact with diverse financial interests over the years.

Meetings were arranged with Gillani in the firm’s Richmond Hill, Ontario boardroom, specifically to assess potential financial opportunities. These were preliminary, exploratory and fact-finding initiatives only, says Wright. Gillani’s involvement ended after several meetings.

Jaffer was introduced to Wright Tech and Green Rite Solutions at a meeting chaired by Gillani and held at La Castile Steak House in Mississauga, Ontario, the only time Gillani and Jaffer were together with respect to Wright Tech and Green Rite.

During subsequent meetings with Jaffer, Wright says that Rahim and Jaffer “appeared to always act in good faith but did not bring any substance to the discussions.”

Further involvement with Jaffer was terminated shortly thereafter when it became apparent that in order to receive any funding, all of the effort was to be provided by Green Rite Solutions and Wright Tech.

The summary sheet that was sent by Green Power Generation (GPG) and evidenced in the parliamentary hearing was an internal communication from GPG.

Wright says it was planned for their use to ascertain investor interest in the Wright Tech system.

As well, neither Wright Tech Systems nor Green Rite Solutions were involved in the creation of said documents beyond providing data about their system’s Canadian market potential.

Green Rite Solutions provides a leading edge waste conversion technology, the Biodryer, which converts and dries any and all organic materials – including biosolids – into clean, green renewable fuel or for conversion to electrical energy.


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