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Toshiba partnership with Close the Loop diverts toner

LAKE FOREST, Calif. – Toshiba America Business Solutions revealed it recycled more than 229 metric tons of e-waste – stemming from used toner products – in 2018. The total marks the highest amount of e-waste the company has recycled in a calendar year.

Since partnering with recycler Close the Loop in 2008, Toshiba has prevented more than 1,229 metric tons of e-waste from hitting landfills.

Through Toshiba’s ecoSmart Toner Recycling program, the company’s spent imaging products are transformed into reusable material via a zero-thermal recovery process. These components are often incorporated within future products, thereby contributing to the circular economy.

Powder recovered from recycled toner cartridges is a primary element in an asphalt product to resurface roads. Plastic from spent toner consumables is also used to create pens and rulers.

“Fostering and maintaining a sustainable environment in the communities where we live and work is a signature mandate of Toshiba, as well as a primary directive for many of our partner and client organizations,” said Toshiba America Business Solutions president and CEO Scott Maccabe.

“While our leadership and workforce are pleased with the success of our recycling program, we strive to continue our commitment and improvement to this vitally important initiative.”

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