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Sustainable coffee service receives capital infusion

TORONTO – Launched in 2015 to solve the waste problem created by single use coffee pods going to landfill in alarming quantities, GoJava provides sustainable coffee services to offices in Toronto and Ottawa. Initially launched as a webstore to sell a large variety of coffee pods and other products, GoJava provides next day delivery of products to customers’ premises while picking up used coffee pods for recycling. The company has since expanded to supply a wide selection of coffees, teas, and healthy snacks and to recycle other office supplies.

In the three years since its launch, GoJava has established itself as the number one sustainable provider of office services, offering office coffee, office snacks, water filtration, and specialty recycling in Toronto and Ottawa.

Eugene Ace, GoJava’s co-founder and president, says of their venture, “We are the logical and easy choice for implementing sustainable office services. We source and deliver sustainable products in a sustainable way, while making sure that all the products and materials we distribute can also be disposed of responsibly and kept out of landfill.”

Going one step further, GoJava also offers a free recycling program for its customers for items like coffee pods, paper coffee cups, snack packaging, electronics and batteries, toner, and office supplies, all of which are not accepted in the blue bin and typically end up in landfill. GoJava also makes all deliveries with a carbon-neutral fleet and plants one tree for every order that it receives.

To date GoJava has diverted more than one million coffee pods and 80,000 pounds of waste from landfill. The company currently has over 350 office customers across Toronto and Ottawa and intends to scale the Ontario market before further expansion into the rest of Canada.

“GoJava is an innovative and fast-growing company that is disrupting traditional office services. Crux Capital Corporation is excited to fund GoJava’s growth plans in Canada,” says Peter Aghar, president of Crux Capital Corporation.

“As an active value-add real estate owner and venture capital investor, we see GoJava as a leader in the office service industry, modernizing how offices procure and receive products and services, and bringing a fresh and much needed circular economy approach. We are excited by the growth prospects of the business in Toronto and Ottawa, with tenants and landlords who care about their carbon footprint.”

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