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Who Killed the Electric Car

The only thing I don’t like about the fact that I’m taking the kids camping this sunny weekend is the fact that I’ll have to wait until next week to view the new documentary film Who Killed the Electric Car (directed and written by Chris Paine and narrated by Martin Sheen). You can read reviews in the weekend papers or on internet sites like Yahoo’s movie section. I saw the trailer when I went to see the Al Gore movie An Inconvenient Truth, and am fascinated that there was once (and fairly recently) a real working emissions-free electric car named the EV1 from GM that it took off the market (by repossessing every last one — they were only sold via lease arrangements). I don’t know the reason, but the trailer for the film suggests it was a sort of conspiracy of Big Oil and other business and political interests (which actually makes sense). With fear of global warming, it’s likely such a vehicle will re-emerge, although perhaps not from the United States. Yet it could be a huge business opportunity for the ailing Big Three auto makers. Anyway, go see the film. I’m going to check it out next week at the Cumberalnd Theatre in Toronto, and will write about it afterwards.

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