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Good morning!!
I wrote a book called TRASHED – “Why the United States is Canada’s Largest Dump”, it took me over three years, I always thought it might lead to something, but never to writing a “BLOG”. Honestly, this may be showing my age, but I have never been on a BLOG in my life, until now. When Guy Crittenden suggested I become a Contributing Editor and provide the odd column for the magazine, I was flattered but when he suggested I write a BLOG, I thought he was crazy.
Guy told me that in order for the BLOG to have any value to the reader, I must be prepared to be available, have opinions and be consistent with them and not be afraid to say it as I see it. I particularly loved this one; he said; hate the sin, not the sinner.” Maybe he is afraid I will get the magazine sued?
TRASHED was released in May and I write (not too favourably) about some of Canada’s and Ontario’s most famous politicians, Jack Layton, Bob Rae, Mike Harris (we both came from North Bay), Mel Lastman, David Ramsay, David Miller, and Premier Dalton McGuinty (yes – he is my second cousin and the guy who put us out of business). There have been no law suits yet. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!
Will I be able to provide some insights into topics that will bring you back? Well, time will tell. But I did spend over twenty years on one of Canada’s largest waste management projects, working to help solve the garbage disposal crisis in Ontario. When I started in 1990 Ontario was shipping about 1 million tonnes of garbage to Michigan and the USA. I understand from Rob Cook, Executive Director of the Ontario Waste Management Association, that today we have gone past 4 million tonnes. Does that make sense to you? Yes, I will have a few things to say about that.
For 20 years my life has revolved around issues relating to the Environment, Politics and the Press and I have learned a few lessons. Maybe I can share a few of those lessons learned with you over the next few months while offering comment on the people and events that continue to impact on major projects in Canada.
I spend 50% of my time in Ontario and 50% in Alberta. I read a lot and, depending on where I am; I try to skim nearly every newspaper I can get my hands on every day including Ontario papers, Alberta papers, the New York Times, the Economist and the Wall Street Journal to name a few. Each will often provide a different perspective on the same issues.
Comments to Come! The Power of the Press. Why the Oil Sands in Alberta may be losing the public relations war, (now there is a lesson; Alberta is the most beautiful place in the world and, in my view, has a population that cares as much about the environment as in any jurisdiction). Discussions on Wind farms, power plants in Ontario and yes, we will have some continuing comments on why the USA really is Canada’s (read Ontario’s) largest garbage dump.
So that’s my first BLOG!! Hope you come visit again!!

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