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Waste worker nearly jailed over early pickup

Fines have not swayed Sandy Springs waste collectors from picking up the trash before 7.a.m.

The U.S. city of Sandy Springs, Ga., appears to be at the end of its rope when it comes to curbside waste workers picking up the trash while most residents are sound asleep.
DUI-jailAccording to the city’s solicitor, fines have not swayed local waste collectors from picking up the trash before 7.a.m., so he decided to try jail time as a penalty for the violating the city’s noise level ordinance.

Sanitation worker Kevin McGill (just three months on the job) says he was cited for picking up trash just after 5 a.m. one morning, despite it being his first offence, he claims.

The City later suspended McGill’s jail sentence, noting that the decision may have been “disproportionate to a first-time offense.”

The court amended McGill’s sentence to time served and further probation suspended.

McGill avoided serving 14 weekends in jail.

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