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In an earlier blog I have talked about the great job Waste Management is doing with their media campaign in the United States and Canada. The “Think Green” slogan and the recent introduction of the “Bagster” have been great for the profile of both Waste Management and the waste industry.
Last year I mentioned how a golfer on the PGA tour, Charlie Hoffman, is sponsored by WM and won an event on tour. This weekend the PGA golf tour stops in Phoenix and Waste Management is the title sponsor. Now, if you are not a golfer, this event, being carried on the Golf Channel today and on NBC this weekend, may not be a big deal.
However, many of us are golfers and Waste Management has done the best job I have ever seen to capitalize on the visual images available in sponsoring an event.
There is the fantastic camera shot of the WM logo, created with thousands of golf balls, in a lake. Then they will receive extensive coverage on the par 3 sixteenth hole, where over 20,000 cheering fans go crazy with every shot. WM is doing a hell of a job. The only thing they don’t have is their name on the overhead BLIMP but I am sure they are working on it!
Through all of the company advertisements, and the on-course emphasis on recycling, WM provides a great message for the entire industry.
Tune in to the PGA tour for a few minutes; it will be worth it. Congratulations to the people at Waste Management who are making this happen.
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