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Our new workshop for business, municipalities and developers is called “WINNING THE WAR” –How to Identify & Manage Opposition to Your Project”….. and, there are a few wars going on out there….
After more than ten years of discussion, debate and controversy, not counting the millions of real dollars spent and the additional few million man-hours invested by the developer and the opposition, the Ontario Municipal Board rejected the application by James Dick Construction for a major quarry in Southern Ontario. It’s a major win for the environmental opposition and a loss for the aggregate industry.
Just like landfills, it is becoming almost impossible to site new quarries or aggregate operations within populated areas. Notwithstanding, just as waste disposal facilities must be an essential component of an environmentally progressive society, aggregate supply remains essential to the growth and maintenance of our transportation system.
The low-level radioactive waste clean-up, by Atomic Energy Canada Ltd. in Port Hope, has begun. It is a ten year, $260 million dollar initiative that has been extensively studied and debated. Now, an activist named Dr. Helen Caldicott has generated headlines in the Toronto Star this week, and last week, with an irrational statement which she has not backed up with any evidence. She says she is “almost certain” that radium is leaking into Lake Ontario, and the town should be abandoned, and the government sued for millions.
What is the media influence? Well, there is an article of more than a few hundred words and two negative headlines that seems to play up the inflammatory comments of Caldicott, while there is only three lines quoting the Mayor of Port Hope who called Caldicott’s remarks “sensationalism”. It was reported that only 200 people attended this talk; hardly representative of the community as a whole. Again, environmental activism and the media are often an incestuous relationship and “It is your responsibility, as a proponent, to manage it”; a key point in our workshop “Winning the War”.
And finally, is today the day the McGuinty government decides on the new incinerator in Durham Region? If this is approved without a public hearing I will have a few interesting comments to make, to say the least.
Have a great day…..
TRASHED! How Political Garbage Made the United States Canada’s Largest Dump

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