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Today at Blue Mountain

Today I attended the Blue Mountain Inn & Conference Centre with Maryanne Hill, executive director of the Municipal Waste Integration Network (mwin). Our host from Blue Mountain, Debbi Broekstra, treated us to a nice lunch at The Pottery restaurant and we viewd the meeting rooms and suites. For some time now I’ve encouraged MWIN to hold its conference in Collingwood since (a) I live there [the most important reason, of course] and (b) amazing developments have gone up in the past few years, especially the Intrawest Village with all its shops and restaurants at the base of what used to be known as Central (to all you skiers and snow boarders).
So now it’s official that the MWIN conference will be held there, so remember to mark your calendars and plan to be in Collingwood in June. The plan is for golf at Monterra Golf Course (which is excellent, bny the way) on Tuesday, June 20th, with dinner to follow, and then the main days of the conference being a full day on Wednesday, June 21 and a half day on Thursday, June 22. I will chair the final panel discussion on the last day, as per usual.
Maryanne had a nice idea that we’re investigating, which is that after the banquet dinner on the Wednesday delegates would head over to the bars and restaurants in the Intrawest Village (walking distance from the conference building). We’re going to try and arrange a “passport” system and prize draw for anyone who turns in a passport the next morning stamped with the half-dozen establishments we hope you’ll visit. I have volunteered to help plan that aspect of the conference, which may require that I visit each of the pubs and sample their drinks. I want MWIN members to know that this is a sacrifice I am prepared to make for the greater good of the group.

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