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Earlier this week I talked about the environmental clean-up of low level nuclear waste in Port Hope.
A noted anti-nuclear activist, Dr. Helen Caldicott, used inflammatory statements against the project, notwithstanding that it was the subject of more than ten years of research and was supported by the vast majority of Port Hope residents.
Dr. Caldicott spoke to a small audience, reported to be about 225 people, and slammed the project creating headlines in the media including, as I noted earlier, the Toronto Star. I understand the event had to be held in Oshawa because the original location in Port Hope withdrew their support of Dr. Caldicott. As is often the case, these self-proclaimed “experts” have no real investment either in the project, or the people they are talking about. In reality they are just “hired guns” brought in by opposition forces.
But, for a change, people are fighting back against these hired guns. I understand David Suzuki was involved in this debate earlier, again as a hired gun, with no real knowledge of the issues. The Mayor of Port Hope, Linda Thompson, was live on Canada AM this morning setting the record straight that Dr. Caldicott was using “drive-by science” in making her claims. Refuting Caldicott’s statement that Port Hope is a nuclear graveyard sitting unchecked, Mayor Thompson stated strongly that Port Hope is a healthy and safe community and is likely the most monitored community in Canada adding that health studies have been done many times since 1932. In terms of radiation levels Mayor Thompson says that Banff, Alberta has a higher level of radiation than Port Hope. Caldicott’s statements have made the town “really mad” says the mayor and “they are hitting the problem head on”.
Here’s a second interesting item. On Tuesday I stated how the Toronto Star ran a story where the headlines, and content, looked to favour Dr. Caldicott. Well yesterday, I am sure in response to outrage from the Mayor of Port Hope and many others, the Star balanced the reporting with a new article and headline providing the real details.
Unfortunately, as I have witnessed first hand for many years, the media reports the sensational items first, with no regard as to whether the allegations are true, and playing catch-up is hard to do.
Congratulations to the Mayor of Port Hope and to the residents who are not about to let the reputation of their community be slammed by an outsider. We need more politicians like this!!
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