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The science of energy

Randy Powell.

Randy Powell.

Below you will find the link to a fascinating TEDx presentation by Randy Powell about something called Vortex Based Mathematics (VBM).

Anyone interested in the kind of potential limitless free energy that Nicola Tesla used to talk about would find this fascinating; it’s the physics and math behind the fundamental energy of the universe — the kind of thing that gives electrons their spin, and our DNA and the galaxies of the universe their spiral shape.

It’s heady stuff, but presented in user-friendly terms. There are other videos on YouTube in which Powell goes into more detail, but this is a nice short overview of the topic.

Interestingly, like the presentations by Rupert Sheldrake and Graham Hancock (two of my favorite researchers and authors) it was pulled down from the Internet by TEDx because the ideas are too threatening to the status quo (or perhaps  certain private interests, but I’m unsure). TED is not as intellectually adventuresome as many people think.

Here’s the link:

Randy Powell – TEDx Presentation

I’ve also reproduced below an email letter from Alexandra Bruce — the person who initially sent this to a friend who sent it to me. This letter does a wonderful job summing up what Powell’s work is all about.

Please share this with your contacts and Facebook friends. Powell — as you’ll see in the video — is taking a courageous stance making his work available for free to the open source research community so that this potential source of limitless free energy is not sold out to private interests.

Here’s the letter from Alexandra Bruce:

This is yet another TED talk, like those of Rupert Sheldrake and Graham Hancock, which have ben taken down from their site, after they were deemed too controversial.

Here, Randy Powell claims that a nine digit pattern called Vortex Based Mathematics (VBM), interconnects all of science, all of technology and all of nature — around a donut.

Randy Powell is a student of mathematician Marko Rodin who claims to have discovered the source of the non-decaying spin of the electron.

Although scientists know that all electrons in the universe spin, they have never discovered the source of this spin. Rodin says he has.

Rodin claims to have discovered the underpinning geometry of the universe, the fabric of time itself, by reducing all higher mathematics — calculus, geometry, scalar math — to discrete-number mathematics.

His unique mathematical perspective has had him hailed him as the official discoverer of the 9-digit pattern that is the foundation for what is known as Vortex Based Mathematics.

Randy Powell was a student of Marko’s work, who took the fundamental sequence and, by implementing the formula into a 3D model, the shape of a donut revealed itself.

Randy learned very soon that the shape of the donut was the universal geometric design for maximum efficiency in energy transformation, occurring ecologically as a method by which the universe reprocesses matter.

VBM gave Randy additional insight into explaining how everything in the Universe — from the elements of the periodic table, to why every pattern in nature (from the spiral in our galaxy to our own DNA) are all toroidal-based (donut-shaped).

Video (about 10 mins):

Randy Powell – TEDx Presentation

Alexandra Bruce, Publisher

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P.S. Randy Powell and his work will be the subject of an upcoming film by Amardeep Kaleka (“Sirius”) and Jose Escamilla (“The Battle of Los Angeles”), and others.

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