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The next Solid Waste & Recycling edition

I thought readers might be interested to see the article lineup for the upcoming April/May edition of Solid Waste & Recycling magazine.
Editorial: Ontario classification of compost as haz-waste. by Guy Crittenden
Cover Story: Tire stewardship and markets. by James Sbrolla
Cover Story Sidebar: New federal EPR policy. by Carl Friesen
Agricultural Waste: New CleanFARMS initiatives. by Barry Friesen
IC&I Waste: Owen Sound commercial waste study. by Maria Kelleher
Packaging: Sun Chips compostable chip bag. by Guy Crittenden
Collection: Collection program in Lethbridge, Alberta. by Carl Friesen
Landfill Technology: Natural Attenuation Landfills. by Darren MacNeil
Composting Matters: Nova Scotia’s program. by Paul van der Werf
Waste Business: Batch Waste Incineration document. by John Nicholson
Regulation Roundup: Various new waste regulations. by Rosalind Cooper
Blog: Development of new types of biodegradable, biocompatible plastics. by Guy Crittenden

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