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A few of my blogs over the past year have talked about the attacks on the Alberta Oil sands from environmentalists worldwide, self-serving politicians in the United States and even a few here at home who want to cater to the eastern elites. (Hey Dalton!)
This week a new website called hit the social media networks. It was developed and edited by Alykhan Velshi and it is refreshing. Mr. Velshi knows something about moulding public opinion as he has a background as a political operative. Now, finally, someone is calling a spade a spade.
Go to this website and see what you think. First, in my view, it is informative and not just a rant. It gives specific responses and details about how the industry is dealing with the environmental issues and it dispels many of the myths that have been trumped up by anti-oil sands activists.
Second, it pulls no punches regarding the alternatives. Graphic images and bold statements about the countries we now buy oil from are there for your perusal.
The question that we have refused to speak publically about, is now in the open. Should the United States buy oil from countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, all of which have dubious human rights records? Alternatively, if we are genuinely concerned about the treatment of individuals in other parts of the world, why are the oil sands being singled out as a terrible option?
While the doom and gloom lobby groups assail the oil sands for their potential impact on global warming, isn’t the Saudi suppression of women’s rights or Iran’s efforts to build a nuclear bomb environmental threats in their own right? A valid question for debate!
We all recognize that new environmental management techniques must continue to be developed to lessen impacts here in Alberta and substantial progress has been made. However, for far too long the sensational tactics of Greenpeace and others have gotten the headlines and, in many cases, set the agenda.
It’s time to level the playing field or at least try harder. Will the website make a difference? I hope so; send in your ten dollars.
TRASHED! How Political Garbage Made the United States Canada’s Largest Dump

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