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SWANA/SWRC Northern Lights Conference This Week

In 2014 I have decided to go to some conferences I have not gone to before to hopefully gain some fresh perspectives.

This week’s combined SWANA and Saskatchewan Waste Recycling Council (SWRC) comes at an interesting time as interest/development of EPR and Zero Waste programs continue. As is the case in general there is lots of activity in the west. Notwithstanding moving forward with environmental initiatives  is not without its ongoing challenges. It always will cost someone money- ultimately ourselves as residents and consumers- and require some change in behaviour- which means there will always be a little kicking and screaming, and hopefully some progress.

I will be tweeting and hopefully writing some blogs this week as I see and hear interesting things at the conference. Follow me at @2cg_

The conference web site is:

Some info on keynote speakers lifted from the web site is included below.

Keynote Speakers:

David White David White is the founder of the strategic planning and facilitation company, Synergy Solutions. He’s had more than 25 years of experience leading organizations and businesses through start-ups and restructuring. David is a regular columnist with SaskBusiness magazine and is in demand as a speaker and writer on the effect that organizational culture can have on a company’s success. His recent book Resilience chronicles the changes in culture at Ford Motor Company that allowed it to survive the recession without handouts and emerge with better designed vehicles, a highly committed workforce, and a strong environmental ethic.
(He’s also the first person in Saskatchewan to buy Ford’s new hybrid car, the C-Max!)

Ruben Anderson Ruben is a Behaviour Change and Sustainable Systems consultant, developing the idea of Compassionate Systems to address the frustration and failure of behaviour change. Ruben has taught Sustainable Design at the Emily Carr University and consulted on future-proofed, locally resilient systems for the City of Vancouver’s Sustainability Group and the Planning Department, as well as for BC Housing, Industry Canada and private sector clients. Ruben will outline the ten myths of behaviour change and introduce the concept of compassionate systems – thought-provoking concepts for anyone working on waste and recycling systems.


Jerry Powell Jerry is the owner of three magazines (Resource Recycling, Plastics Recycling Update and E-Scrap News) and helps organize three of the world’s largest recycling conferences: The E-Scrap Conference and Exhibition, The Plastics Recycling Conference and Exhibition, and The Resource Recycling Conference and Exhibition. Jerry is in demand all over North America as a speaker on what’s new in the world of recycling and how this affects local programs.


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