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Sticking it to the man!

I’m in a double magazine deadline currently so this week’s blog entry will be short – but that doesn’t mean it’s unimportant!
I’m going to plug a product that should be of interest to men especially, but to some extent women also. I normally don’t plug specific products in this space, but this time it’s worth making an exception.
The product I’m going to promote to you is called the “Razor Pit.” In Canada you can learn about it and order the product here: http://www.razorpit.ca/ (American readers can visit this website: http://www.razorpit.com/)
You can learn the details on these sites, but let me just give you the skinny quickly here.
I am at now at the end of three months saving with the same razor blade, and the blade is virtually as sharp and effective as the first day I took it new from the package.
You read correctly: three months re-using the same blade, in this case a Gillette-brand Mach 3 razor cartridge (the kind with three blades in it). This is effectively a “disposable” blade, but I have transformed it into a “reusable” blade by using the Razor Pit, which is simply a special piece of rubbery material that you use to wipe the blade after each use.
Think not only of the waste avoided sending these things to landfill, but of the money I’m saving! The famous axiom is that companies like Gillette give you the shaver for free (or for very little money) and make their profit selling you blades week after week. And these blades are very expensive. (Heck, in my pharmacy they keep them locked up and you have to ask a staff member to bring a package of them to the cash register in order to purchase any.)
The premise behind the Razor Pit is not that it “sharpens” your blades, but rather that wiping the blade in one direction on the piece of rubber (which is conveniently shaped as a little stand for your razor) removes the crap that normally adheres to the blade and stops it from working properly after six or seven uses.
As an aside, I don’t use shaving cream, even though I have sensitive skin. You should try going without it – it’s totally unnecessary as I discovered years ago on a camping trip when I forgot to bring it along. Just use hot water, and put a drop of liquid hand soap on the Razor Pit before you clean your blade on it.
My Razor Pit was given to me by a friend who, at the time he gave it to me, had been using a single blade for six months! I almost didn’t believe it was possible at the time, but here I am at the end of month three, getting good shaves from just one razor.
I don’t see any reason why the Razor Pit wouldn’t work on a woman’s razor, used for shaving legs and so on. I suggest the women give it a try! At the very least, buy one for every man in your circle, and spread the word. This is a great opportunity to reduce waste and save quite a bit of money in the realm of over-priced personal grooming products!

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