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Sometimes investments pay off!

Canmore, Alberta
Monday, September 6, 2010 – 4:00 PM
I am now back in the mountains of Alberta, after two weeks of over 30° Celsius weather in Ontario. I think Alberta has had one of the worst summers in a long time. Lots to talk about out here as it relates to Politics, the Environment and the Media, but I will leave that for later.
I play a fair bit of competitive golf in the amateur category and I just finished watching the PGA Tournament this week, an event that is part of the season ending FEDEX CUP events. (The FEDEX CUP is a season-long event with points that accumulate over the summer, and the winner receives $10 million!)
An hour ago an investment by the industry leader, Waste Management Inc., became a proverbial “hole in one”. Charlie Hoffman, a PGA pro sponsored by WMI, won the tournament going away. Charlie shot a 62 and won the event by five (5) shots. He was just interviewed on National Television in the USA, in his white golf shirt with that hot green and gold WMI logo for millions to see. Charlie, with his flowing blonde hair, was articulate, gracious and a fine representative for any company. Not sure what WMI is paying Charlie, but they sure got their money’s worth today. An investment that really paid off!
I am sure that everyone in the industry has noticed that, for over two years now, WMI has conducted an extensive and, I am sure expensive, media effort to change the general public’s perception of the waste industry and their company. This well thought-out effort has played on National television in both Canada and the USA.
Actually, I first noticed the rink board ads during the Stanley Cup playoffs in Denver a year or so ago. Now their “THINK GREEN” campaign theme is not only impressive but the various topics highlighted are sending an educational message about the industry that has long been lacking.
In my book, TRASHED, I talk extensively about the role of the media and a company’s need to be consistent, be there every day and get the message out early and often. WMI is taking their message to the wider public that the company is environmentally responsible, innovative and striving to improve each and every day. The important thing to remember is that this effort not only puts WMI in a good light but it gives their customers a sense that they are working with a professional company with a social conscience. This is extremely important in today’s media driven world.
WMI is doing a great job and it is benefiting every company in the industry. I think WMI should take up a small collection from everyone in the industry; we are all riding on their coattails with this impressive initiative. And now they have Charlie Hoffman, another real winner. Any chance I can get invited to his next pro-am event?
TRASHED! How Political Garbage Made the United States Canada’s Largest Dump

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