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Registering at this site (and other high tech ideas)

I just thought I’d take a moment to mention to readers a couple of things you should know about our website and why we require registration for certain functions.
Obviously when you log onto our home page at you have access to things like Headline News and the most recent edition of the magazine (which you can get to by clicking on the thumbnail-size cover).
But you’ll notice that if you click on “Print Edition” at the left side, and if you try to read archived back issues online, the site requires that you either buy a subscription to the print edition of the magazine or register for our email news service.
Internally in our company there was some discussion about this, because some editors like me would like all readers, including casual web surfers, to be able to access articles from past editions easily and for free. But we’re a business publisher and have recognized that over time more and more of our revenues will derive from web-based information. In fact, in our latest quarterly meeting we learned that fully 15 per cent of our company’s revenues now come from Internet-related activities.
So, if you want access to archived materials, you need to register using the online process. The site gives you a free trial, so you needn’t pay if you try it and don’t like it.
Another thing you should try is our new website. This portal gives you easy and “searchable” access to our various informaiton offerings, including the legislative and news-related newsletters our company produces on environmental and health and safety themes.
One last point. In our survey last year some of you mentioned you’d enjoy some more wide-ranging news about waste and recycling/composting topics, including some international news (when it’s relevant to the Canadian context). Using a special service our company has acquired called “Pluck” I will be updating the Solid Waste & Recycling website and also the solid waste section of the website with news items using Pluck. They will appear in a special “Editor’s Picks” box on our home page, in addition to the custom-written Headline News you’ve already grown to appreciate.
My company has outfitted me with an IBM laptop with WiFi connectivity so I can keep up with this even while on the road at various industry events, assuming the hotel or venue has a WiFi connection. I’ve subscribed to Bell HotSpot to augment my Internet access, and am in fact writing and posting this blog entry at a Starbucks in Burlington, as I journey back home from the SWANA/OWMA landfill workshop in St. Catherines.
So, watch this space and continue to enjoy our company’s investment in digital technology designed to bring you the most timely news and analysis of our industry in Canada.

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