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The cost of green energy is becoming too much for many. Eric Reguly, a business columnist for the Globe and Mail, recently noted that a number of European countries are rolling back their subsidies for renewable energy. Reguly commented that; “green energy is becoming unaffordable and it may cost as many jobs as it creates”…. over to you Dalton!
I love the move by the western Provinces, in the last few months, to come out and state clearly that they are looking at Asia and China as viable markets for Canadian gas and oil. All of this is happening during a period when Washington is equivocating on the approval of TransCanada’s $7 billion Keystone XL pipeline.
There is a widespread propaganda effort by a wide range of environmental groups in the USA to stop, or delay, construction and their efforts have impacted on the policies of the Obama government. However, the tide may be turning with the realization that stopping this one pipeline will not stop the flow of oil-sand crude into the United States. The Washington Post, one of the most influential newspapers, recently published an editorial endorsing the construction of the pipeline. The turmoil in Egypt is only helping to show that Canada is a stable supplier.
The United States will always be our strongest and largest trading partner but there are other options out there. And, let’s face it, numerous studies show that Alberta, British Columbia and, to a lesser degree, Saskatchewan will be the economic engines that drive this country going forward. The traditional manufacturing base in Ontario and Quebec has been eroded. The economic and political leadership is shifting.
And now let’s talk about the politics of sport and the ongoing controversy in the National Hockey League over “head-shots” and concussions.
I give kudos to Andrew Ference of the Boston Bruins. He was right in suggesting that a team-mate was wrong to take a head-shot on an opponent. Don Cherry, and many others, ripped him for not being a team player. However, this week the Globe and Mail published an editorial praising his honesty. I have never met Mr. Ference but, as someone who has coached a number of sports over the years, he is a breath of fresh air. And, I am not saying this just because Andy and Jean, his father and mother, are my neighbours here in Canmore.
I’ll be taking a break for two weeks to visit Tampa and work on my golf game. Also, Elizabeth Fournier, who edits and posts these blogs for me, is off to the Caribbean for a vacation. So I am helpless but will be back soon.
TRASHED! How Political Garbage Made the United States Canada’s Largest Dump

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