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Politics: That Ford Factor! — Under Attack!

The municipal elections in Ontario are just around the corner and the mayor’s race in the City of Toronto is being watched across Canada. Why? Because a shake up in the status quo may finally be at hand.
Voters are tired of the NDP-led government of David Miller in Toronto. They are tired of the endless debates about bike paths, new environmental programs that don’t work and cost millions, and the lack of competition in private sector contracts due to years of catering to union priorities in the city.
Rob Ford says he will change things and the long time incumbent councillor remains the wild card. More importantly he also remains the leader in the polls over the former Liberal Cabinet Minister in the McGuinty government, George Smitherman. Ford is driving the agenda. Smitherman is running scared and changing his policies to match the Ford message.
The “Anybody but Ford” movement is underway! Sarah Campbell, who had previously slammed Smitherman all over the place, abandoned her campaign and jumped on his bandwagon in an attempt to stop the Ford movement. A number of existing councillors are moving to support Smitherman in spite of his poor record on fiscal management. Smitherman is the guy who spent billions of taxpayer dollars on questionable programs when he was the Minister of Heath and Energy in the McGuinty government.
Some of the allegations being used against Ford are outright slanderous and it makes me think that Toronto has become as bad as the USA in low-ball underhanded tactics. Imagine this; at a recent candidates’ meeting some retired doctor stood up and accused Mr. Ford of being so overweight that his health may not allow him to finish his four year term. Unbelievable! Was this guy a plant from the Smitherman camp or another candidate’s camp? I hope everyone who thinks they are carrying a few extra pounds (probably 90% of us) is disgusted with these tactics and votes for Ford. Nobody is making personal attacks against Mr. Smitherman because he is openly gay and proud of it.
The attacks on Mr. Ford are dirty politics … Toronto style!
Stay the course, Mr. Ford, Canada is watching. You are a successful businessman who has for years made a positive contribution to politics in Toronto by preaching and practising austerity. You should be commended for saying, in essence, “let’s live within our means”.
What’s that commercial, “Built Ford Tough”? Hang in there, Mr. Ford, lots of people admire your guts!!!
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