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Political Stability and Jackomania

It has taken over six years, but Canada finally has political stability for at least the next four years. Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have been given a strong, unequivocal mandate to govern the country, and he deserved it.
Over the years the press have painted Harper as cold, unfeeling, lacking charisma and as a ruthless leader and control freak. The last time I looked around leadership was not measured by how the press painted you, but by the results you were able to achieve. Harper has been an excellent Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Canada during some turbulent times, especially as we experienced the world-wide economic crash.
A CEO’s first responsibility is to ensure their company responds to the challenges it faces, and Harper has done that. Yes, he has kept control of his agenda. Yes, he has ensured that his Ministers stay on his agenda and yes, he played politics when he had to. Every successful CEO has had the courage and vision to do just that and it is not always popular with all people.
The bottom line is that Canadians have finally recognized that Harper has done an excellent job, and that the options for alternative leadership were not up to the challenge. The political landscape will change with a majority government; specific priorities of the Conservatives will become reality. Many won’t like it but, in my view, it will be superior to the political posturing we have seen over the past six years. Go to it Mr. Harper !!!
On top of that, on Monday night, we saw political history made in Canada. Quebec has totally rejected the Bloc. I personally spent years ski racing and coaching in Quebec and, at one point, the skiers from North-Western Quebec were part of my ski team in Northern Ontario. Quebec, with its history and culture, are integral to Canada. But the Bloc, with its separatist agenda, has finally run its course.
On the Liberal side we again watched history being made. The Liberal Party of Canada has never been reduced to a third party in the House of Commons. Three leaders, three failures and now their day is done and, I suggest, it will be a long road back. Michael Ignatieff may complain about the Conservative attack ads but, in reality, he just wasn’t up to the job, and the voters knew it. Leadership is critical and the Liberals are now finding themselves in the wilderness. Maybe we will get Bob Rae, a recycled NDP turned Liberal. (Harper’s biggest wish)
The beneficiary is my friend (tongue-in-cheek – read my book TRASHED) Jack Layton. Much will be made of the NDP breakthrough. In my view, Jack Layton was just in the right place at the right time. It happens. The Bloc collapsed, the Liberals self destructed and Jack was the beneficiary.
I will, as I have before, give Mr. Layton credit. He is a media master and a great talker. However, a long- time member of Toronto City Council told me once that, in all the years Jack Layton was on council, he would never chair a committee; he never wanted the responsibility. Jack liked to be on the sidelines and throw rocks to undermine other people’s efforts and get the headlines.
Mr. Layton is now in a position to throw a lot of rocks. It will be interesting to say the least.
TRASHED! How Political Garbage Made the United States Canada’s Largest Dump

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