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Peel Region calls for more packaging action

Readers will find the complete text below of Peel Region’s recommendation regarding the blue box (including the problem of 15 litre PET water bottles and various funding issues).
It seems the blue box still has some serious issues to sort out, and the municipalities are tired of getting 50 cent dollars to handle strange new packages, and all the material that they have to dispose of that never makes it into the blue box in the first place.
Here’s the resolution:

Whereas the introduction of 15 litre polyethylene terephthalate (PET) water bottles to the municipal recycling system will add costs to the municipal tax base;
And whereas the 15 litre PET water bottles will increase recyclable material processing costs and reduce recycling storage capacity for residents;
And whereas a move away from the current deposit-return system that re-uses containers, to recycling of these bottles is a step down the 3 R’s hierarchy;
And whereas the current Blue Box Program Plan creates a disincentive for the packaging industry to increase the use of recyclable packaging:
Therefore be it resolved that the Ontario Minister of the Environment be requested to regulate the management of 15 litre PET water bottles by:
a) mandating a deposit-return system where consumers and the packaging industry bear the costs to manage the empty bottles, or
b) requiring the packaging industry to pay 100 per cent of the cost of managing the empty bottles in municipal waste and recycling systems;
And further, that the Minister of the Environment be requested to direct Stewardship Ontario, through Waste Diversion Ontario, to amend the Blue Box Program Plan to require the consumer packaging and printed paper industries to pay 50 per cent of the cost for municipalities to manage blue box waste materials in both the recycling and waste streams;
And further, that the Minister of the Environment be requested to require companies that wish to introduce new consumer packaging into the Ontario marketplace to consult with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) to determine the impact of the packaging on municipal waste management systems;
And further, that this resolution be forwarded to AMO and other Ontario municipalities for their consideration.
Approved 2006-220

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