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Our next edition (April/May)

At a recent recycling industry meeting a colleague of mine said that he continues to enjoy Solid Waste & Recycling magazine but was worried that recent coverage about Zero Waste issues was drawing our attention away from the kind of practical “shop floor” information that we usually make prominent.
I recognized that there was some truth to that, although I’d felt obliged to give somewhat saturation coverage to the Zero Waste topic as it was front and centre in the news this past fall.
Anyway, I thought he (and other readers) might be interested in the next (April/May) article lineup, which I think contains lots of practical information.
Here are the highlights of the April/May edition, that should be printed and mailed at the end of April.
Cover Story: Landfill mining project in Barrie looks at the recovery of valuable landfill space and water protection. by Sandy Coulter, Barrie & Paul Dewaele, Golder Assoc.
Editorial: A look at new information from Dan Lantz comparing single stream versus dual stream recycling. by Guy Crittenden
Up Front and Masthead: Contains details about the new federal initiative on extended producer Responsibility (EPR)
Waste-to-Energy: Pelletization. by Salman Zafar, Renewable Energy Advisor, GOI
Waste-to-Energy Sidebar: Tour with photos of the Dongara pelletization plant in York Region. by Guy Crittenden
Recycling: Report from the MWIN recycling markets seminar. by Guy Crittenden
MRF Operation: Dealing with the media after an incident. by Paul Lima, freelancer
Landfill Technology: Landfill gas project. by Darren Fry, Integrated Gas Recovery Services Inc. & Mike Watt, P. Eng., Walker Industries
Composting Matters: Perfecting the brand. by Paul van der Werf, 2cg Inc.
Waste Business: The Continuous Improvement Fund. by John Nicholson, EBC Canada
Equipment: Shredders, sorters and conveyors. by Guy Crittenden
Regulation Roundup: Waste regulations across Canada. by Rosalind Cooper, Fasken
Blog: OWMA’s Waste Diversion Act proposal. by Usman Valiante, Corporate Policy Group

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