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Our new show on the environment business

Our new show “Going Green for Green” — a new program about money-making opportunities for companies in the environmental protection and waste management industries — has made its debut.
The new show takes viewers inside the business of the environment and should be of interest to people in the environmental services and waste management industries, as well as other people such as professionals in the investment community interested in opportunities for profit in these fast-growing sectors.
The show is the brainchild of host Michael Lavelle and is a joint venture between Lavelle’s company Going Green for Green TV and HazMat Management magazine and Solid Waste & Recycling magazine. Brad O’Brien – publisher of the two magazines – is Executive Producer; each episode is shot by Director Brad Ling, with research and writing support from editor and award-winning business journalist Guy Crittenden and various contributing editors and writers from the magazines.
Each episode focuses on a theme from within the environmental services and waste management industries. Themes thus far have included organic waste collection and processing, construction and demolition waste, and brownfield remediation.
View the episode on opportunities in brownfield remediation by visiting the website for HazMat Management magazine (look under “Video Picks” at www.hazmatmag.com) or by following the link here:

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