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Today we welcome Usman Valiante as our first blog columnist, in addition to me, the editor.
Usman Valiante is a consultant with extensive experience in the waste diversion field, with special expertise in such things as used-oil recovery, deposit-refund systems for used beverage containers, hazardous waste treatment and disposal, product stewardhip program design and so on.
He is a contributing editor to Solid Waste & Recycling magazine and has written numerous articles on a wide range of topics. I value Usman’s contribution not only because of his knowledge and writing ability, but because of his “damn the torpedos” willingness to express strong views on controversial issues.
Whether you agree with Usman or disagree, I hope you enjoy reading his magazine articles and blog posts on this website, and at least think of them as thought provoking. Best wishes Usman, and don’t ever hold back from telling us what you really think!

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