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Ontario producer responsibility bill critiqued

You can follow the link below to read Progressive Conservative member Michael Harris talking about the proposed Bill 91, Waste Reduction Act in the Ontario legislature.

As you’d expect, there’s quite a bit of anti-Liberal rhetoric from this opposition member, but overall he hits the mark pretty well in discussing what’s wrong with Bill 91 that needs fixing, especially with respect to the proposed Waste Reduction Authority.

For a more technical analysis I direct readers to contributing editor Usman Valiante’s three-part blog series on Bill 91, and his more recent post on developments in the implementation of extended producer legislation (EPR) in British Columbia.

You can navigate to Usman Valiante’s online articles from the home page here: www.solidwastemag.com I feel Valiante’s article series on Ontario Bill 91 and BC’s Multi-Material BC organization (MMBC) are the best things out there on the subject of EPR in Canada.

You can read Michael Harris’s speech in the Ontario legislature here:


(Note that this is a different person from the Hon. Mike Harris, Ontario’s former Premier.)


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