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Mosquito repellant in pill form

I just returned from a 10-day trip to Italy (Naples, Rome) and arrived in time to update my blog for the week. I don’t have time to write anything extensive so I thought I’d just share this interesting news item about a new mosquito repellant that’s in pill form. I make no warranties about this product but thought it was one of the more interesting news items sitting in my inbox from being away, and useful at this time of year, what some call bug season.
Health Canada Approves the First Homeopathic Mosquito Repellent Pill
Mosquitoes be gone! New natural and effective product to keep mosquitoes at bay
(Calgary, AB 2012) For all outdoor enthusiasts and those who would like to be but have reactions to bug bites – you now have a product that allows you to fully enjoy the outdoors without being “bugged”.
CEO and Founder, Erin Bosch saw a demand for an all natural mosquito repellant in the early days of her homeopathic clinic. “People are no longer willing to spray themselves with chemicals in order to be comfortable. They wanted a safe and effective alternative and that is what we have provided.”
Xerion Homeopathie has been selling this remedy from their Calgary clinic for 3 years now and it has been flying off the shelf. Due to increasing demand, Xerion has embarked on a Canada wide launch of the product. Erin explains her passion for creating the product for the consumer at large this way: “If I were to die tomorrow, I would want my tombstone to read, She kept the mosquitoes away!”
Since Xerion cannot guarantee that you will never be bitten by a bug again, they have designed this formula to reduce the frequency of bites as well as the reactions that people have to bites. No more itching and big red bumps! No more smelly sprays or stinky coils…what a great ally for camping, golfing, hiking, biking. This could revolutionize the whole outdoor experience! Some of the product’s features include:
· It works within 30 minutes of taking it.
· Are there no side effects
· It work on other bugs, not only mosquitoes
· Product can be taken every 3-5 hours starting before you go outside.
· There are no contraindications.
· Homeopathic medicine is by definition non-toxic.
For a list of stores that sell Mozi-Q please follow the link:
Corporate History
Xerion Dispensary, a homeopathic formulation and manufacturing company is based in Calgary, Alberta which happens to be one of the most entrepreneurial cities in Canada, and perhaps even North America. In this business climate, it is natural that Xerion is forging into new territory in homeopathy that is turning heads and has people lining out the door to buy th e revolutionary products that it manufactures.
The company’s focus is on fast acting formulations for unique indications and ailments that solve a specific problem for the consumer. Xerion Dispensary (XD) is bringing homeopathic products to the market in a fun and fresh approach that garners mass appeal. Most of the products that Xerion manufactures are not new. The intent is to market these indispensable homeopathic remedies to the masses and make homeopathy and its products household names in their own right.
There are two elements in Xerion Dispensary’s formation that uniquely positions the company to provide the absolute best formulations to the market:
Xerion’s owner is President and CEO of Xerion Homeopathie which is a clinic in Northwest Calgary. This provides XD with clinical experience; here, formulations are tried, tested and tweaked in an environment that allows for immediate consumer feedback. By the time Xerion Dispensary sta rts manufacturing a product, all the market research has been compiled and the product reflects the results of those efforts.
Xerion’s owner , Erin Bosch, is the President and CEO of the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine (WCHM). This allows XD a close working relationship with some of the top minds in the field of homeopathy; Xerion Dispensary’s formulator is the Director of Education of the WCHM. In this collegial atmosphere, it is understood that products must go through formulation and study processes. No other manufacturer this close working relationship with a College. Through this exclusive relationship, Xerion Dispensary is able to connect the professional with the product and the product with the public.
There are always philanthropic and socially responsible aspects to everything that the company does. Currently, Xerion is working with NGO’s to ensure the products they manufacture are readily accessible to those in homeless shelters and others in desperate situations.
Xerion Dispensary is poised to be the lead player in the growth of the homeopathic formulation and manufacturing industry and to foster the ever growing homeopathic medicine movement by marketing products that have mass appeal in a fresh new way.

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