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Let's all support the Product Policy Institute

I thought I’d start my blog for 2013 by suggesting that readers acquaint themselves better with the Product Policy Institute (PPI) and consider donating to support that excellent advocacy organization. Here’s the text of a recent holiday-season email I received from its Executive Director Bill Sheehan, with a link at the end to the PPI website and directions about how to donate. I think this is a very worthy cause; give even a small amount if you can. — Guy Crittenden
Well-funded industries are forcing a showdown between those who have a financial stake in the U.S. being stuck in the same rut of overproduction, overconsumption and the widespread waste of valuable energy, materials, and resources; and the groups working on environmental protections and policies that will put the U.S. solidly on the road to a truly sustainable economy.
Product Policy Institute (PPI) advocates for extended producer responsibility (EPR) policies that make manufacturers plan for recovering their products before they are sold and recycling them responsibly when consumers are done with them. PPI works to institute an economy where manufacturers design their products to use less material, last longer, and be reused or recycled at the end of their useful life.

Product Policy Institute and CRADLE2, a national alliance of public interest organizations working for source reduction and comprehensive recycling for products and packaging, have mounted the “Make It, Take It Campaign” to achieve EPR for packaging, and be the launching pad for consumer action to target brands and citizen action to target policymakers.  The campaign is an innovative partnership among supportive businesses, government agencies and non-profits that prioritizes collaboration and employs multiple tactics simultaneously, including public policy advocacy, grassroots organizing and corporate engagement.
Product Policy Institute is the leading national public interest voice in the United Sates advocating for EPR policies for products and packaging, building public support for legislation, pressuring reluctant companies, and ensuring that legislation achieves environmental goals, not just what is economically expedient for corporate America. Please make a tax-deductible year-end contribution of $35, $50, $100 or more to help Product Policy Institute get enough good legislation passed in enough states to reach a tipping point within several years and achieve a “win” with far-reaching implications. You can join our efforts right now by clicking this link.  Gifts of any size are appreciated and put to good.

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