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LCBO drinks laced with alcohol

I thought readers would be interested in the following amusing exchange that occurred in response to a February blog post by me entitled “Truth Coming Out About LCBO.” (By the way, you can read old Blog entries by accessing the archives, which are stored by month.) Since it’s an old post, I figured most of you would otherwise miss it. The first comment is from a well-intended reader. The further response is from mischievous me.
Intresting article, thanks. Do you know of any chemical brake downs of products that are sold by the LCBO. For many years The tabacco industry, I’ve heard, have been putting substances in cigarettes to increase sales. Often harmful and or addictive chemicals and claming its refining process, packaging for freshness, taste or other missleading suggestions.
Posted by: B Wood | May 29, 2006 07:02 PM
To answer your question, I’ve heard, although I haven’t investigated the matter personally, that the LCBO might be selling beverages laced with a chemical commonly referred to as “alcohol” in order to subtly make its products more addictive to adults. It’s frightening to contemplate what effect might be inflicted on society if beverage producers were to sell drinks containing such a chemical, which is known to cause loss of balance, blurred vision and memory problems in lab rats. I recall reading in a medical journal about a group of soldiers during World War Two who inadvertently drank large amounts of grape juice while posted in the Burgundy region of France. Apparently the juice, which was stored in large wooden casks, had somehow fermented. (I presume because of the war the juice had been left for several years and not consumed.) The soldiers soon became delirious and temporarily mad from the toxic liquid, at times passing out and even vomiting. Yet so addictive was the chemical that some after the war continued to seek out the fermented juice, and had to eventually be treated in a 12-step program. Frightening.
Posted by: Anonymous | May 30, 2006 08:06 AM

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