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I’m on a week’s holiday in Las Vegas after attending last week’s very busy and successful, re-energized Waste Expo — the largest waste-related trade show in North America.
I have friends who don’t know how I can stand to spend more than a week in Sin City but they don’t do Las Vegas like I do it.
First off, I don’t stay on The Strip – too crowded and overwhelming.
Instead, I stay at a timeshare resort called Grandview that’s in the very south end of the city. I use a savvy points leasing strategy to stay at timeshare resorts, paying 10 cents on the dollar compared to most folks. The Grandview is a 5-star resort with lots of amenities. The one-bedroom condo I have for the week has stainless steel appliances, marble counter tops, a large sunken tub, etc. etc. The best thing is that it’s away from The Strip and I have a feeling more of being in the desert than Las Vegas.
One great thing about this town is you’re pretty much guaranteed to have good weather. It’s been in the nineties Fahrenheit all week and sunny. I’m going for a hike in the Valley of Fire, which is a desert canyon full of “painted desert” rock formations.
I’ve been up to the strip a few times, mostly to walk around. I’ll be heading back Tuesday evening to the Luxor to take in Chris Angel’s magic show “Believe” and again on Friday to see Carlos Santana, my favorite living guitar player, at the House of Blues. (Lucky me!)
I was here four years ago and Vegas is even bigger than I remember it. The scale of development is astounding. Today I went for a stroll through Mandalay Bay resort. There seemed to be no end to it. I paid $18 to visit the very large and beautiful shark display and aquarium, which is as good as anything I’ve seen elsewhere. It’s Sea World scale. And that was just one tiny part of Mandalay Bay, which adjoins Luxor (the resort that looks like an Egyptian pyramid and has a huge sphinx out front) and another that looks like a medieval castle, all connected with a monorail.
In addition to the activities I took a short class in how to play Craps and have so far converted my $40 investment into $160 after two sessions at the tables. I plan to play a few more times and see if I can increase my winnings, but will not spend more than the initial $40 outlay, as I’m just a beginner. It’d be cool if I could win enough to pay for my show tickets.
One benefit of staying in a condo instead of a hotel room is being able to cook for myself. My unit has a blender so I’ve maintained my morning routine of healthy fruit and supplement shakes, plus granola with almond milk. I’ve eaten a lot of salads and avoided fast food, so it’s possible to stay in Vegas and not over-eat or get unhealthy. I’ve made it to the gym most days too.
Oh, and they have a Whole Foods here, too! lol
Well, that’s enough of a blog entry while on holiday. I’m back to my regular schedule next week. Talk to you then, folks…

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