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"JACKOMANIA" – Who Would Believe It !!

This time next week we will know the results of the federal election.
The polls show the Conservatives, with Prime Minister Harper, are on the edge of a majority; the Liberals with Michael Ignatieff are fading fast; the Bloc in Quebec are finally showing signs of wear and tear and, would you believe it, Jack Layton and the NDP are surging.
Now, Jack and I know each other well. For over ten years he, and his NDP cohorts at Toronto City Hall, opposed the Adams Mine landfill in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. Jack’s personal opposition and underhanded methods were the main reason that the Rail Cycle North Consortium of WMI, Miller Waste, CN Rail, Ontario Northland Railway and my company, Notre Development, lost a billion dollar contract to railhaul and dispose of GTA waste in Ontario.
While Mr. Layton said it was a win for the environment, his actions cost the GTA billions. The real results are that 100% of Toronto’s garbage is going to Michigan and Toronto was forced to purchase a landfill they didn’t need or want for over $200 million. Durham and York Regions were forced to build an incinerator they didn’t want for another $200 million. And then Jack left town and took his game to Ottawa.
In my book TRASHED, I talk about Jack. Specifically I say that he is very intelligent, but a devious man who is extremely media savvy. This campaign has proven the media savvy part and he deserves credit for his performance and, after all, that is what a political campaign is – a performance.
Jack Layton is a master politician. He understands intimately all aspects of managing his message and how to manipulate the media. In the debates, both in English and French, he was relaxed, on topic and outperformed the other leaders. I recall being across from Jack in interviews on Global Television at least twice, and he is good. I think ‘our debates’ on the landfill issues were a draw. I certainly can’t say I won.
However, just like the garbage issue, Jack’s facts are suspect. In a time when our economy, and that of the world, continues to struggle, the NDP platform, if examined closely, is not sustainable. Jack Layton talks a good game and voting for him may help Harper’s Conservatives finally get a majority government (which is a good thing for Canada) but, in my view, Jack Layton is lucky because he gets to say whatever he wants. However, he will never have to be accountable for anything because he will never form a government.
Jackomania – enjoy it Jack, it’ll be fun while it lasts, but it’s all over next Monday.
TRASHED! How Political Garbage Made the United States Canada’s Largest Dump

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