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Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

I’m finishing up the deadline for the current edition of the magazine this week, looking at proofs and finalizing last-minute details.

So instead of a long blog post this week I offer readers something short but truly wonderful.

I recently encountered one of the best films I’ve ever seen about science and the Akashic field.

It’s the best summary of the sacred inner and outer world, symbols and the latest science I’ve come across — sort of “one stop shopping” for what a person would need to know to be up with the latest insights in cosmology, human potential, fractals, quantum physics and how it all relates to eastern and western spirituality.

Plus the visual images are stunning. This film was shot in HD and shows well on a flat screen TV or good high-resolution laptop monitor.

You can watch it for free in four parts on YouTube by searching on the film name “Inner Worlds Outer Worlds” or at the official website here:


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