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I keep talking about “winning the war” and the importance of fighting back against the environmental elements that regularly dominate the media and, in many cases, twist and distort the facts to fit their agenda.
The oil-sands of Alberta have become an international punching bag for politicians, environmentalists and even foreign governments. In 2010, Alberta began fighting back. They are now getting some support from the new Federal Minister of Environment, Peter Kent.
Peter Kent has come out with a marketing strategy using the term “ethical oil”. And why not? As reported in the Globe and Mail late last week, Mr. Kent believes that part of his job is to set the record straight regarding the “bad rap” that the oil-sands is receiving.
Kent was quoted as saying; “Oil-sand production accounts, I think, for 5% of Canada’s total green-house gas emissions. It’s less than one-tenth of 1% of global greenhouse emissions and barely 1% of the equivalent greenhouse-gas emissions from American coal-fired power generators.”
The Globe article also talked about Ezra Levant, who released a book called Ethical Oil wherein he discusses the merits of buying oil from Canada, versus purchasing from the various regimes around the world who have far worse environmental records, and dubious human rights records. He points out that Canada is superior to most foreign-oil producers on every measure.
I liked this comparison. “The mayor of Fort McMurray is a young woman called Melissa Blake. How many women mayors are there in Saudi Arabia? There are none. It’s against the law.”
We need to be proud of our assets in this country. The oil-sands are one of those assets and they are a benefit to the economy of the entire country. I mentioned in my last blog that environment Ministers never stay around long enough to have an impact. Peter, it’s a great start at getting the rules straight. I hope you stay around because you will provide some leadership and be a benefit to everyone who is tired of only hearing from the other side.
TRASHED! How Political Garbage Made the United States Canada’s Largest Dump

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