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I thought I’d just make a quick entry to explain to readers how subscriptions work at our magazine. I’ve spoken to a few people recently who seemed confused by the fact that they currently receive the magazine for free, but are sometimes asked to buy a paid-for subscription.
Here’s how it works:
We are primarily a “controlled circulation” magazine, meaning our magazine is sent out free of charge to qualified professionals (e.g., municipal waste managers, property managers, commercial waste generators, key people at recycling companies, etc.). When we launched the magazine years ago, most of our readership was gleaned from directories and lists (such as those offered by our affliate Scotts’ Directories).
Over the years, more and more people read our magazine and found out about it at conferences and trade shows, etc. Eventually, we enticed almost all our readers to fill in and sign a special card requesting the magazine (for free). This is important as our circulation list is audited independently each year by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC). We send the ABC audit statement to our advertisers to prove to them that our claims are true about who is reading our magazine (their prospective customers in different industry sectors and various provinces).
So, you should at least fill in the reader qualification card each year in order to remain on our mailing list. We like to have virtually all our readers “first year written request” and we routinely delete old names and records.
That being said, you might ask, “Why should I pay for a subscription?” The answer is that being a qualified reader doesn’t guarantee that you will keep receiving the magazine. We frequently add and delete unpaid subscribers in order to improve the quality of our distribution. (For instance, we might decide one month that we’re a bit light on property managers and too heavy on construction and demolition sector readers, and simply drop a couple of hundred names here and add a couple of hundred there.)
Having a paid subscription prevents you from getting deleted and guarantees that you will receive the magazine. And, since our magazine only comes out six times per year, you might not notice for many months that you’ve stopped receiving the magazine, and you could miss some useful stories and information.
Also, paid subscribers receive other benefits, including email-based topic alerts and our electronic weekly newsletter (if you want to receive that). And only paid subscribers can access the archived articles from past editions on the website (under the Print Edition button). That’s a very useful, searchable database of information that is great for research or brushing up on any topic related to waste disposal, recycling, composting and so on.
So there you have it — a short description of why you should purchase a paid subscription to our magazine. To learn more and to get one, just click on Subscriber Services at the upper left side of our website’s home page. And if you need to contact our circulation manager directly, her name is Mary Garufi, and she can be reached at 416-442-5600, ext. 3545 or via email at

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