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Heading to Finland

On Monday I’m flying the red-eye to Finland to tour Molok’s plant in Nokia. My itinerary includes a tour of the factory and then we head down to Turku, the old capitol of Finland. On Thursday there’s a big meeting in Helsinki where waste facilities’ people from all over Finland will meet. This will be a great opportunity for me to find out what’s going on throughout the country, and I’ll report back about this in an article in our June/July edition.
On the way back, I’m spending the Victoria Day long weekend stopping over in London and touring around with an old friend. He lives in Toronto but we happen to be over there at the same time. When you fly to Helsinki you have to change planes at Heathrow anyway. The last time I was in London I left the day before the bombings in the tube. Hopefully things will be less eventful this time.
I’ll be updating news on our website and maybe even making a few blog entries while I’m traveling, but don’t be surprised if I miss a day or two with all the traveling.

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