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As I mentioned in an earlier blog the McGuinty Government in Ontario is facing challenges and unrest from various quarters regarding its Green Energy policies, specifically the decisions to fast track its renewable energy portfolio using Wind Power.
As the provincial election looms, the unrest is growing and it is not a good sign for McGuinty.
On the political front, the NDP in Ontario have used the Freedom of Information Act in an effort to obtain details on the billion dollar contract signed by the McGuinty government with Samsung and the Korea Electric Power Corporation. NDP efforts were to no avail because the financial details have been redacted in the agreement they acquired.
The NDP is screaming foul. The Toronto Star reports NDP Peter Tabuns stating that; “The NDP is pro-green energy”. “But if you sign a contract the people of Ontario should have enough information to judge if we got a good deal or not”.
Although the Liberal Minister of Energy responded that thousands of clean energy jobs are being created, the issue will not go away. The conservative MPP for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke, John Yakabuski, made the comment that there was so much white-out on the agreement it looked like it was filed in a blizzard.
On the legal side two challenges have surfaced and, in my view, one is more important than the other and will have a greater political impact on McGuinty. Yesterday a panel of Ontario Divisional Court Judges began hearing the first challenge by Ian Hanna, a resident of Prince Edward County, 200 kilometres east of Toronto. Mr Hanna is challenging the regulations under the Green Energy Act and the 550 meter setback for wind turbines. If successful, the decision will affect, and possibly slow down, all projects in the province.
In my view, the second challenge should be more of a concern to McGuinty. In my book, TRASHED, I talk about the need to deal fairly and openly with, what I call, the silent majority who are concerned with the environment. I make a clear distinction between environmental “headline hunters” and the reasonable residents who will listen before forming an opinion.
The McGuinty government has a problem and his name is Dr. Bob McMurtry. Dr. McMurtry is not only a reasonable individual, he is a former Dean of Medicine at the University of Western Ontario and has acted as an advisor on health issues to the federal Liberal government. His brother, Roy McMurtry, served as Chief Justice of the Superior Court in Ontario from 1994 to 2007.
I will add more on Dr. McMurtry and the impact he is having on wind power, and McGuinty government policies, in my next blog.
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