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Boy, did I speak too soon. My blog yesterday encouraged a partnership between Ontario and Alberta for the good of Canada – There’s no chance!! Politics at Play – Here we go again!!
Dalton McGuinty thinks that the need for energy, the success of the oil sands, and the “petro dollar” are responsible for the decline in the Canadian dollar versus the US dollar. He suggests that this is why Ontario has a decline in manufacturing and the resultant job loss.
Here is what Dalton told reporters: “So if I had my preferences as to whether we had a rapidly growing oil and gas sector in the West or a lower dollar, I’ll tell you where I stand: with the lower dollar.”
To her credit, Premier Redford of Alberta took the high road stating: “We’re going to stay to what I think is the broader and more principled and productive message, which is we can grow a Canadian economy around energy that benefits Canadians across the country.”
Let’s get into the real world. Definitely, the trading of the Canadian dollar on par with the US has positive and negative effects. But why should the Premier of Ontario think that Ontario is the only party or province affected? Manufacturing takes place in all of the provinces and yes, Ontario has had a historical advantage in the auto sector, but this crisis in Ontario didn’t just happen yesterday.
The Liberal government, led by my cousin Mr. McGuinty, has been in power for eight plus years. The Ontario treasury will run a reported $16 billion dollar deficit this year. It is astounding that the Premier can blame Alberta for the situation faced by Ontario.
A Canadian Partnership … Dead in the Water. As I said yesterday, I like the new Premier of Alberta. Premier Redford took the high road but, In private, I suspect she has a few choice words for Dalton McGuinty that did not make the papers.
TRASHED! How Political Garbage Made the United States Canada’s Largest Dump

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