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I have been away for a couple of weeks and left my computer at home, imagine! Spent ten days with a friend in the mountains of BC, including a visit to Vancouver and up to Whistler. Fantastic weather for the entire time; we really do live in the most beautiful country in the world!
Back in Ontario for the revolution. I have commented a few times in the last couple of months on Toronto’s municipal election and Rob Ford’s campaign. Ford, the two term councillor preaching austerity, was running against George Smitherman, the former Liberal cabinet minister, and others.
Everybody, and I mean everybody, was lined up against Ford. The main stream media, including the Toronto Star, were literally on Smitherman’s campaign team. All of the other candidates for Mayor, with the exception of NDP’er Joe Pantalone, saw the writing on the wall and switched to support Smitherman in a blatant, “Anybody but Ford” movement.
Well it wasn’t anybody but Ford, it was everybody for Ford. He destroyed Smitherman at the polls winning by an astounding 90,000 votes. Pantalone was a distant third. When the dust settles I will comment about what this means for business, the waste industry and an overall shift in voter expectations going forward.
While I am not one to promote myself, I am pleased that the Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA) has invited me to be the keynote speaker at their dinner on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 as part of the CANADIAN WASTE SECTOR SYMPOSIUM in Toronto. Being billed as speaking about my book TRASHED is nice, however, I am looking forward to talking more about the LESSONS LEARNED during my fourteen years working with politicians, environmentalists and the media. Should be fun! I understand that tickets have sold well and can be purchased by contacting Michele Goulding at the OWMA office, 905-791-9500.
Later in the week, as part of the Exposition and Trade Show , the Compost Council of Canada has invited me to speak at their luncheon on November 4th, 2010. Again, I am proud to be part of their 20th anniversary and will take a different approach looking at the CHALLENGES we all face in implementing environmental initiatives whether they be landfills, wind farms or compost facilities.

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