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Feds go green with electronics procurement

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Pablo Sobrino, Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, PWGSC.

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Tom Ring, Assistant Deputy Minister, PWGSC.

I thought readers might be interested in the following news related to cost internalization in electronic and electrical equipment (EEE) procurement. Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) has made cost internalization of EPR program EHF/eco-fees for AV equipment a requirement in bids submitted to the federal government. This is a new policy which will doubtless be extended to other EEE purchases. PWGSC has awarded its annual green procurement prize to the two public servants who carried the issue forward. PWGSC was continually challenged by quotes that did not include EHF/eco-fees and with invoices arriving upon delivery of the purchased equipment with EHF/eco-fees added.

(Thanks to Duncan Bury for alerting me to this story!)


Annual ADM Green Procurement Award

Each year, the ADM’s Green Procurement Award gives us an opportunity to recognize Acquisitions Program employees who go above and beyond in integrating environmental performance considerations into the procurement decision-making process. We also welcome the opportunity to put the spotlight on green procurement, which is an important part of improving our services to clients and providing positive outcomes for Canadians. Through our Smart Procurement approach, our objectives include cost containment, quality, efficiency, while also achieving green procurement targets.

Congratulations to Brian Moore and Michael Cooper in the Logistics, Electrical, Fuel and Transportation Directorate in our Commercial Acquisitions and Supply Management Sector (CASMS), who are the winners of this year’s ADM’s Green Procurement Award!

Brian and Michael have developed and made continuous improvements to an environmental strategy for the procurement of audio visual products by integrating a number of environmental criteria into the standing offer process for the audio visual industry and making other changes over the years.

This year, a requirement was added for the Environmental Handling Fees (EHF) to be included in the price of goods rather than allowing them to be billed separately. This is an important development that supports the move toward ensuring that producers of goods have greater responsibility for incorporating environmental considerations into the design of their product, and added incentive for doing so. It’s the first time that the principles known as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) have been built into a PWGSC standing offer.

By delivering environmentally preferable services and tools, the Acquisitions Program is supporting departments and agencies in the greening of their operations. The very tangible result of Brian and Michael’s forward-thinking work is that there are more environmentally friendly audio visual products in the Government of Canada. We are very proud of their accomplishments and all Acquisitions Program employees across the organizations who are helping to make it easier to buy and sell green goods and services.

Congratulations again, and thank you to everyone who participated by submitting nominations for this award.

Tom Ring
Assistant Deputy Minister

Pablo Sobrino
Associate Assistant Deputy Minister

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