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Environmentalists & Garbage Unions !!

Over the years anyone who has dealt with the City of Toronto on any issue that may impact on the environment has run across the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA). For years Jack Layton used them as his personal cheerleading section and as a vehicle to support his opposition to private sector developments in Toronto.
The executive director of TEA is Franz Hartmann. I know Mr. Hartmann. During the years of the Adams Mine landfill debate in Toronto, Mr. Hartmann was the environmental advisor to Jack and once made the comment that: “Layton’s office was the epicentre of the anti-Adams Mine campaign in Toronto.”
I mention in my book, TRASHED, that Hartmann actually wrote an article called: “Citizens can prevail: A personal perspective on how public mobilization defeated a proposal to ship Toronto’s waste to an abandoned mine in northern Ontario.”
Well Hartmann, and TEA, are back on their soapbox, this time acting as a front for the public sector unions opposing Toronto’s intent to privatize parts of the city’s curb side garbage collection. TEA released a report this week called, “Look Before You Leap”, and while I admit I have not read it, the inference is that Toronto staff are not providing the correct information on the cost savings of private collection versus the current union operations.
Mr. Hartmann and the report question the numbers put forth by Geoff Rathbone, Manager of the Solid Waste Division, and infer that since Rathbone is leaving to join Progressive Waste Services (formerly BFI Canada) there may be some hanky-panky going on.
Personally I question TEA’s motives.
Since when did TEA become an economic consulting company? TEA should stick to their mandate of protecting the environment. The private sector has proven over and over again that they are capable of providing as good a service as any public sector union operation and at a lesser cost to the taxpayer.
So, let’s call a spade a spade. TEA and the Unions have gotten together on this report.
The report is not an independent analysis, it is a propaganda document released to the media to support continuing public sector garbage collection.
In my view TEA, and Mr. Hartmann, undermine their own credibility by making blatantly biased conclusions or suggestions in areas where they lack the expertise to do so.
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