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I’m back. Actually went skiing again for a week; had some great company out here in Canmore and the skiing at Lake Louise has been fantastic.
If you can believe this we had 25 cms of snow here on Saturday evening. Sunday morning was a Winter Wonderland and it was APRIL 3rd.
Political Thoughts. Provincially we are into, what many call, the “silly season” in Ontario. That is the year preceding an election when, for all intents and purposes, government shuts down. No new policies and no new (or real) expenditures to speak of. Everything becomes smoke and mirrors preparing for that election in October of 2011.
On the Federal front we are in the middle of a no holds barred, knock-down election campaign that will decide a party’s fate and change the face of political leadership in Canada.
For the Conservatives and Stephen Harper, a majority government is the only priority but for the Liberals, and Michael Ignatieff, staying alive may be a better strategy. For my old nemeses, Jack Layton, due to a number of reasons, health being one of them, this may be the last battle.
For the next few weeks I am going to offer a few observations on how environmental issues, in both the east and west, are being handled by the various parties. My first observation is that everybody loves to use the environment as a soap box but, during an election campaign, it almost becomes a non issue, as everyone runs and hides. There will be more on this as the election progresses.
One positive: The media in the country are finally getting some backbone. Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party, with no seats in the House of Commons, and no policies that affect our day to day lives, has been refused the opportunity to participate in the leaders’ debates on television.
Now there was this social media effort to pressure the decision, however, the major networks in Canada resisted.
Hey, it is a good, and very defensible, decision.
TRASHED! How Political Garbage Made the United States Canada’s Largest Dump

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