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Dutch Waste Management Trade Mission

We are about to start the Netherlands Waste Management Trade Mission, which runs from 15-20 September. The 14 delegates will have the opportunity to tour a number of Dutch waste management facilities as well as attend an annual Dutch recycling conference and trade show.

The Dutch are often held out as shining examples on how to manage wastes. They have managed, through a number of measures, to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill to less than 3% of annual wastes generated. Through EU measures such as the Landfill Directive, which among other things prescribes the diversion or organic wastes, and their own initiatives they have managed to wrestle the management of wastes to the ground (but not in it).

I’ll be posting various overviews and hopefully some interviews as we make our various visits this week. You can also follow me at @2cg_ as I tweet some interesting photos and thoughts throughout the week.

I have attached a link that presents an overview of Dutch waste management policy.

I have also attached a link with Dutch Waste Management Facts Municipal waste management in the Netherlands



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