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Dubya global warming video, and more

Today I’m getting some administrative things done in between two busy days out of the office. Yesterday, I drove to Toronto to be interviewed and videotaped at our corporate head office by documentary filmmaker Andrew Nisker who’s in the final stages of a documentary entitled Garbage Man in which he examines the waste generated by a family in North York, Ontario over a three month period, and its potential environmental impacts. He asked me about such things as curbside recycling, product stewardship and landfill disposal. You can view the trailer at his website here:
Tomorrow I head to Mississauga for a workshop on waste disposal technologies and strategies organized by the Municipal Waste Integration Network (mwin) on behalf of the federal government, and then I pop over for the reception and annual dinner/ AGM of the Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA). I’ll tell you about that on Friday.
By the way, Maria Kelleher forwarded to me this morning a hilarious send up of George Bush talking about global warming issues at his cattle ranch. Worth checking out here:

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