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Death and fire make for tough week in U.S. recycling

Stay safe out there

29241570.sfIt’s been a tragic week for the U.S. recycling industry, following the death of a Florida recycling worker Monday, then a fire Tuesday in Las Vegas that levelled part of a recycling facility, right after one of the biggest waste conferences in the world wrapped up its featured safety workshops in the state’s City of Lights.

The recycling death occurred at the Robert Wallick Associates recycling plant in Winter Garden, Fla. The unidentified male worker was found crushed inside a cardboard compactor, local police say.

The fire, meanwhile, occurred at Las Vegas Recycling, in the northern part of the city. It was an exceptionally hot day, the temperature pushing beyond 38°C. The fire destroyed the facility’s two-storey administration building, officials say.

Nobody was injured in the blaze.

Stay safe out there.

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