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In early July I’m heading off for a four-day weekend paddling in sea kayaks with my stepbrother, my oldest son and my nephew. from Washington. We’re putting in at Killarney and heading into the islands off the north shore of Georgian Bay. I noticed when I visited the website of White Squall — a store and rental outfit where we’re collecting an extra two-person kayak, a banner ad for a company called Bullfrog Power. I clicked through to the website and read the interesting information that I’ve cut and pasted below. Bullfrog Power is a power reseller that sells eletricity generated from environmentally sustainable sources. If, like me, you’d like to invest in green power but are reluctant to take dramatic steps like installing solar panels on your roof or setting up a wind turbine, this is an easy and relatively affordable way to get started — something you can do to combat global warming without making a big lifestyle change.
Also, I thought I’d mention that my wife and I have turned off the central air conditioning in our house. (Or, more accurately, we haven’t turned it on.) So far we’ve not suffered at all, even during a recent heat wave. I was tempted on one hot afternoon to turn it on, but then I thought about the fact that I’d be using the power at the same time as everyone else — the very worst peak demand time to use it. I made a note to myself to buy a couple of energy-efficient electric fans that we’ll use from time to time during future heat waves, just to move the air through the house. The only sacrifice we’ve made so far is having to think about which windows to open and close from time to time to get good air circulation in the house. Not much of a sacrifice! We have a basement guest room that’s always cool, so we can sleep there during a heat wave. A really nice benefit that I didn’t expect is that because our windows are always slightly ajar, we’re not insulated anymore from the sounds of summer, including the beautiful birdsong in the morning. I learned on the radio on Saturday that Canada has about two billion birds (yes, that’s billion with a “b”) and this number doubles during the breeding season.
As an aside, the next item on my list is to go buy a shopping cart-ful of energy efficient bulbs and cut down on our incandescents. (If every Canadian home did this, our national greenhouse gas emissions would be cut by 5 per cent from this alone!)
So, I suggest all of you turn off the central air conditioning, and throw open your windows instead. And use some of the money you save (which will be a lot!) to switch to Bullfrog Power for the rest of your needs.
Welcome to Bullfrog Power!
Bullfrog Power is the first 100% green electricity retailer in Ontario. Clean power is here. It’s reliable. And making the switch is simple!
Bullfrog Power is the only electricity retailer in Ontario that buys power exclusively from wind and low-impact hydro generators who meet or exceed the federal government’s Environmental Choice Program EcoLogo standard for renewable electricity.
Why go green?
Choosing green power is an easy way to do your part to create a healthier environment for future generations.
Electricity production is the largest industrial source of air pollution in our province – pollution that poses significant health risks to Ontarians. When you sign up for Bullfrog Power, your electricity dollars will go to clean, renewable electricity producers who are displacing polluting and CO2-emitting electricity production on the grid.
How does Bullfrog Power work?
When you switch to Bullfrog Power, you continue to draw your power from Ontario’s electricity grid in the same way that you always have. You don’t need any special equipment. And there is no change to the reliability of your electricity supply. It’s easy!

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