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Bjorn Lomborg and contributing editors on TV

Our contributing editor Usman Valiante — along with contributing editor Clarissa Morawski — recently had the opportunity to appear on TV Ontario’s program “The Agenda with Steve Paikin” to discuss “The Calculus of Going Green.” The show focused on the complexities of environmental decision-making (the topics of discussion focused on assessing the relative environmental merits of eating locally produced food, using compact fluorescent bulbs and driving hybrid gasoline-electric cars).
The show opened with an interview with Mr. Bjorn Lomborg – “The Skeptical Environmentalist” as he calls himself. Whatever your thoughts regarding the merits of Mr. Lomborg’s arguments there is no denying that his delivery is highly effective in questioning our priorities in addressing climate change and the flaws in the Kyoto Protocol approach.
Here is the link to the episode page so you can view the interview with Bjorn Lomborg:
(If it does not open when you click on the link please copy and paste it into the address line on your web browser). You can watch the episode by choosing video on the right menu on the episode page.
After that interview our contributing editors appeared with other panelists in a moderated discussion. You can watch that segment here:

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