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Be a Friction to Stop the Machine

We interrupt our normal programming to bring you this announcement (below).
I was about to write a blog entry about my latest dietary chances in my ongoing experiment in detoxification of my own body, in which I would have mentioned a few things such as the replacement of dairy milk with almond milk for things like my cereal (guess what, it tastes about the same if not better and is far healthier); however, a friend sent me the link below to a very interesting 22 minute video entitled “Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine” and that advertises itself as a “must watch video” and “brief and crucial history of the United States”.
Now I know from having just written the cover story for the forthcoming Spring edition of HazMat Management magazine, which reports the findings of our recent environment industry survey, that at least one person complained that the editorials in the magazines I edit are sometimes too left-of-centre politically. I found that comment interesting, and it got me thinking. I do need to state that I don’t consider myself right or left wing politically, and in fact I reject those labels as themselves part of a divisive societal mythology that keeps us from finding and implementing real solutions to problems in this world. I find the whole business of reducing every opinion to “left” and “right” stupid and paralyzing. There’s a smugness on Fox News and NPR (just to pick two networks commonly thought of as right and left leaning) that I can’t bear, but even that is simplistic.
So I’m going to ask readers to set aside their (I would argue conditioned) tendency to dismissively label things left and right, and watch the following video. Yes, it is a propaganda piece, but perhaps it’s a propaganda piece itself created to fight propaganda… Even if you find yourself disagreeing, like trying on a clothing item in a store and then deciding not to buy it, it costs you nothing to wear these ideas for a half hour or so.
Even if you decide you don’t agree with this video at all, it’s thought provoking and certainly expresses what many people in the Occupy movement believe, and you owe it to yourself to see the world through their eyes, even if temporarily.
Myself, I don’t agree with everything in it, but I do think the video nicely captures the problem of extreme concentration of wealth in the United States, issues around how the US projects its power internationally (and related military misadventures), and the cronyism that recently turned Wall Street into a rigged casino that benefitted the few at the expense of the many.
Anyway, here you go…

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